Financial Support and Donations


Financial Support

Collaborate with our institutional mission.
The institution accepts and appreciates the support of companies, organizations and individuals.

We have available a declaration for the purposes of tax benefits - Patronage Law, when requested;

We accept the following types of support:
- Monetary or gender donations (Ex: miscellaneous clothing, footwear, household appliances, furniture, cloths, food, cleaning and personal care products, kitchen utensils, etc...).
To give your contribution you can either go to our institution or donate through our IBAN below:

Address: Rua do Frigorífico n.º 9 a 19, 9050 – 448 Funchal
T: 291 220 897
Fax: 291 233 502
Tax Payer Number: 511 022 859
IBAN: PT50003503360000286233065 (CGD)

Together we make a difference: IRS 2017

Helping those in need!
Participate for a better society!
Share smiles!
Before validating your IRS, consign:

0,5% IRS

Entity: Private Institutions of Social Solidarity or legal entities of Public Utility (article 32, nº6, of Law no. 16/2001, of June 22)

NIF (Tax Payer Number) Beneficiary Entity: 511 022 859

With this simple gesture you will allow more smiles, helping for free those in need!

The value will be delivered by the State to this Institution, in the amount of 0.5% on your IRS, not harming you at all and favoring so many people.

We are counting on you!!